Welcome, Friend

Welcome to this corner of the digital world, where I make no promises on quality of entertainment or intellectual value of the scribblings that will follow.  If you have come here, I invite you as a friend and one who is willing to engage in safe and provocative conversation about just about anything.  In fact, the title and purpose of this blog, are in the spirit of the way our ancestors communicated just a little more than one hundred years ago.  Whatever came across a person’s mind, and if they had enough funding and access to a printing press, they would put out into the world what was on their mind.  The title is a euphemism of that sort, used for things that seem erratic, but may go as the norm for others.  The term comes from when the Chicago White Stockings (now Chicago White Sox) played in their former home, West End Park.  Directly across the street from left field was an asylum, and this was a time when there were no fences around baseball diamonds, nor fixed barriers around the parks.  And on occassion while games were being played, and when the asylum would let out patients for exercise, some of those patients would wander into left field.  They would interrupt the game in many ways, even intercepting live balls and throwing them toward home plate or wherever else.  So when something surprising happened or things started to seem to get interrupted, the team coined the phrase, “that came out of left field.”  So, friend, welcome to the left field of postmodern newsletter publishing.

And welcome to my world.  I am Joby Brown.  I am an ordained minister with the Christian Church (Disicples of Christ) – (DOC), and a Board Certified Chaplain with the Association of Professional Chaplains (APC).  I am also a husband, a father of two children, a volunteer coach, and a licensed football official.  I hold degrees from Lexington Theological Seminary, and Eureka College (Philosophy and Religion), both of which render me vocationally useless except for philosophical pandering such as this blog, and the ministry in which I engage in.  It is only life experience that renders my expertise on other things  Though the title is rooted in sport, and the history of my favorite baseball team, I may only occcasionally write about sports.  While I am a minister, I might never breach the subject of God, but often what is holy, and etcetera.  All things are open for discussion, and all things in hope of centering ourselves in community and hope, respect and dignity, and a turn to what really seems out from left field in our world today – civil discourse about all things important for the improvement of creation as we partner as stewards in the days ahead.  Welcome, friend.  I look forward to our time together.


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